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Small Claims and Civil Forms

EJ-190 – Application for and Renewal of Judgement
EJ-195 – Notice for Renewal of Judgement
LACIV198 – Affidavit of Identity and Order
EJ-130 – Writ of Execution
MC-012 – Memorandum of Cost after Judgment, Acknowledgement of Credit and Declaration of Accrued Interest
EJ-001 – Abstract of Judgement
EJ-150 – Notice of Levy
AT-165 – Notice of Attachment
AT-167/EJ152 – Memorandum of Garnishee
AT-180/EJ185 – Notice of Lien
WG-001 – Application For Earnings Withholding Order
WG-002 – Earnings Withholding Order
WG-010/EJ175 – Notice of Hearing on Claim of Exemption
EJ-170 – Notice of Opposition to Claim of Exemption
EJ-100 – Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment

Small Claim Forms

SC-134 – Order to Produce Statement of Assets and to Appear for Examination
SC-107 – Small Claims Subpoena and Declaration
LACIV057 – Affidavit for Order for Appearance
SC-104 – Proof of Service in Person
SC-112A – Proof of Service in Mail

Civil Forms

AT-138/EJ-125 – Application and Order for Appearance and Examination
SUBP-002 – Civil Subpoena for Personal Appearance at Trial or Hearing
POS-020 – Proof of Service in Person / Civil
POS-030 – Proof of Service in First-Class Mail – Civil

Misc. Forms

LA County Bank Garnishment

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Frequently asked questions

EZCourtForms is a post-judgment online tool to help you fill out all the requested forms automatically. It saves you time by auto-populating each form that you need.

Absolutely! All the pre-filled form(s) generated from EZCourtForms are still in a fillable PDF format, so you can adjust any information afterwards.

EZCourtForms is designed to fit from individual small business owners to large law firms. It is simple to navigate and very user-friendly.

For each case, you will only need to fill out the core information once, such as case number, case name, plaintiff info, etc. By selecting the form(s) that you need, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the form(s) as attachments or download it immediately after submission.

No, EZCourtForms is a cloud-based platform which is accessible from any internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox whether your are on a Mac or PC.

Simply select one of the three pricing plans and you are on your way to start automating your workflows.

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“EZCourtForms is a great help for our company. We took our clients to small claims when they breached the contracts. We had to assign a full-time employee to handle those cases because of the paperwork. After we used EZCourtForms, it helps us to process everything faster. We actually saved time and the effort, it speeds up the process. We will continually subscribe EZCourtForms.”
J. Matthews
Small Business Owner
"I won a small claim case for my business and tried to recover the judgment myself. I went to court self-help center, 2 ladies told me different thing and my writ of execution was rejected because I filled out one part incorrectly. Instead of going back to the court again, look for and pay for the parking, I tried to search online. This site showed up, it has all the forms I need. Besides writ of execution, it also has MC012, Memorandum of Cost. That is another form the clerk asked me to turn in for expenses and costs. I only spent around 10 mins, and got several forms done at one time! That’s my best $20 I have spent in my life. I filed in with the court without a problem, only rejection I have was I forgot to sign one form! lol. Well, I will recommend to anyone who won a case!"
C. Carlson
Plaintiff and Creditor
“As a Judgment Enforcer, this site cuts my work time in half and helps my judgment recovery process much faster. They have all the forms that I need, such as EJ 130 Writ of Execution. They also have subpoena forms in Small Claims and Civil (SC134 and SUBP002). The whole site is very easy to navigate and to understand. I’m so glad that I found EZCourtforms to help my judgment enforcement business!”
J. Martinez
Judgment Enforcer
“I’m a landlord and I own several buildings. I sometimes sue tenants when they don’t pay rent. I have many unlawful detainer cases. The paperwork really kills me and sometimes I don’t have time. If I hire a lawyer, it becomes expensive. One day I was searching writ of execution and bank garnishment information. This website came out, I paid one time user and tried. WoWOWW! I hit a jackpot!! The forms are auto filled. I don’t need to worry forgetting to fill out one section, and getting rejected by the court. It was a very good website. Now I’m a regular subscriber. Garcias to EZcourtforms! :)”
M. Alvarez

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